How It Works

Comments are for BIDDING ONLY. Please post your bids in the comments sections.

1. Auction items will be listed in individual posts.

1.5. Minimum bid is $5, to offset the cost of shipping (books are heavy!)

2. Bidders will have THREE DAYS to bid in the comments. When comments close, bidding is over. Highest bid/last commenter wins. Winners receive an email from helpwritenowauction @ gmail dot com with instructions on how to pay.

3. Auctions will close at 11:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 PM Central / 9:00 PM Mountain / 8:00 PM Pacific. Warnings will be posted @HelpWriteNow.

3. In the event a commenter does not claim their item within 24 HOURS, the next to last commenter will be declared the winner.

4. Money will be collected in a Pay Pal account and one lump sum will be donated to the Red Cross's general fund. HOWEVER, we are NOT a non-profit with 503c status. If you would prefer, you may donate directly to the Red Cross and forward your receipt. PLEASE WAIT until AFTER we have confirmed you winner of your auction.

5. Payment is due within one week of the close of your auction.

6. Your PayPal receipt should serve as your proof for tax deduction needs.

7. In the case of any items up for bid that involve critiques, ALL PAGES ARE TO BE DOUBLE SPACED WITH A TWELVE POINT TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT.

8. Organizers are not responsible for lost, forgotten, misplaced, or otherwise messed up items. All bids and items are donated in good faith. 

We'll add more instructions as questions come up! Thank you so much!

* rules shamelessly adapted from Do The Write Thing For Nashville -- thanks ladies!