Can I email you?
helpwritenowauction at gmail dot com. We're also on Twitter at @helpwritenow.

What's the minimum bid?
Whatever your conscience dictates. (How's that for a guilt trip?!) Seriously, let's say.... five dollars.

When does bidding end?
Items are up for bid for three days. For example, an item posted Wednesday will be available until 10:00 PM Central on Friday.  

Do I mail my donation to you?
No, please wait until after you item has been won by a bidder-- we'll hook you up with their address and you can mail directly to them.

How do I pay for my item?
First: Email us to claim your item. When we've confirmed you as the winner, we'll provide payment details. But if you're wondering, we'll be collecting funds in a Paypal account.

You don't have 503c status. Can I donate directly to the Red Cross and send you my receipt?

Where did my bid go? Why did you close bidding/push back the closing dates?
Please see posts here, and thanks for your patience.

We are now closed to donations. All 4 Alabama and TLC Auctions still need help!

Your donation form isn't showing up in Safari.
Please try this link, or open this page in a different browser. Thank you!
What items are you looking for?
We're grateful for any donations, but if you need ideas, check out DTWTFN's successful items!
Do donations have to be Young Adult-related?
Definitely not. We're an equal-genre-opportunity auction.  
Can you keep my donation anonymous?
Of course. Just make a note in your form entry.
I'm unagented/unpublished, but I'd like to donate a manuscript critique. Is that okay?
Sure! If you're worried about your "credentials," you might consider teaming up with another author or two to sweeten the deal. :)