Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The End of the Auction


You guys are truly amazing. Despite technical difficulties, you fabulous donors and bidders raised $21,047 for storm relief. We are speechless and excited and flabbergasted and, above all, grateful.

My name was on most of the posts, but a lot of great people helped out behind the scenes, and I want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Bree, Cleolinda Jones, and Debra Driza, among others, were enormously helpful in soliciting donations. Michelle Schusterman, Kirsten Hubbard, Amanda Hannah, Kody Keplinger, Kristin Halbrook, and Bree were kind enough to help me contact winners and hook them up with their donors. And should I ever have to man a ship, Kaitlin Ward is my first mate, hands down. She is an organizational powerhouse.

There are still lots of ways to help online! Check out these other great causes:
  • All 4 Alabama is adopting a rural Alabama community affected by recent storms.
  • TLC Auctions is supporting an injured father and a 6 year old with leukemia.
  • Happy Like This benefits a family very dear to me: The parents are friends from high school, and their daughters Alex and Emma are both living with a rare terminal disorder. Funds will help them visit Disney one last time.

If you're waiting for emails from us, please be patient. We're making every effort to contact winners and donors as quickly as possible, but you know how it goes. Several of us will be out of town next week and the lovely Amanda has volunteered to bat clean up, so please be kind to her. ;)

To all the bidders who battled it out at 9:59; to all the donors who went out of their way to contact us, volunteer their time, or up the ante in the comments; and to all the people who spread the word: We can't thank you enough. But we'll say it again: