Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 4 Auction Are Closed!

Another day, and we're over $10,000! Unbelievable. Donors, bidders, people spreading the word-- the reaction has been amazing. Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

A couple of notes...

- A few people have asked if they can donate directly to the Red Cross and forward us their receipt. Yes, absolutely-- just wait, please, until you've received our email confirming you as a winner, because we'd have no way to refund your money if a mistake was made.

- When you pay for your item or forward your receipt, PLEASE mention which day and item you're paying for. It helps us so much!

- Auction endings are tweeted from the @helpwritenow account. We try to do a 2 hour, 1 hour, and 15 minute warning so that no one misses their last chance at an item.

- Please note that in auctions with multiple winners (i.e. "top 2 bidders win"), ONLY INCREASING BIDS count. If you underbid a previous bidder, we'll either ignore or delete your comment.

- We're officially closed to donations now, but All 4 Alabama is adopting a rural Alabama community and they can use your help!

- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your amazing support, and come back again tomorrow for more amazing items!

Day 6 ~ Item 16: Editor Partial Critique

From St. Martin's Press editor Vicki Lame:
"I will provide a critique of the first 75 pages of your YA or Adult novel. You will receive at least two full pages of notes and/or questions designed to help you think about where your book is going and things you might want to consider throughout the editorial process."

Day 6 ~ Item 15: Tuition to MatadorU Travel Writing Program

From Matador Network, the world’s most-read independent travel publication, and recipient of a Lowell Thomas award for excellence in travel journalism:

Complimentary tuition for the MatadorU travel writing program (value $350), which is designed to allow someone with very little or even no writing experience to be able, within 3 months, to have a solid foundation in writing, to know how to pitch a query or story to an editor, to build an online presence and audience, and, in general, to begin working as a new-media professional, whether a freelance writer, blogger, or unique mix of jobs that allows one to live off of travel and writing.

MatadorU includes 12 weeks of rigorous coursework, lessons, recommended reading, and weekly assignments critiqued by editors and peers in areas such as:

  • the history and context of travel writing
  • narrative nonfiction writing
  • researching, interviewing, finding stories
  • guidebook writing
  • developing a “publication mindset”
  • finding, landing, and preparing for press trips and other paid assignments
  • “stacking” multiple assignments to create viable income
  • optimizing online presence
  • dealing with advertisers and monetizing your website

The courses have ongoing admission and start dates; whenever you register, that’s when you begin. Though each course is organized into 12 chapters, you’re encouraged to move through them at your own pace.

After completing all 12 chapters, as an alumnus you’ll continue to have lifelong access to the curriculum as well as the forums, Market Blog and all future Continuing Education or Bonus Modules (supplemental courses that explore the latest in branding, SEO, and new media).

Learn more here - MatadorU Travel Writing Curriculum Overview - or by checking out this video:

MatadorU - New Media School from Matador Network on Vimeo.

Day 6 ~ Item 14: Book Trailer or Charcoal Portrait

From Bailey Hammond:
One book trailer for the WIP or character of your choice.


A charcoal portrait (8.5x11) of a character/person
(can be anyone, but I prefer to work from photographs if at all possible)

Day 6 ~ Item 13: Partial Critique

From Rene Sears:
"As the slush reader for Pyr, I see a lot of first chapters. I usually know within a few pages whether I want to read more. I am offering a critique of the first ten pages of your manuscript. I will tell you in detail what works and what doesn't."

Day 6 ~ Item 12: Princess Package!

From author Lindsey Leavitt:
A princess pack including signed copies of PRINCESS FOR HIRE and THE ROYAL TREATMENT, plus princess swag and goodies!

Day 6 ~ Item 11: Partial and Query Critique

From Susan Dennard, author of SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY (HarperCollins, 2012):
50 page manuscript critique and query critique

Day 6 ~ Item 10: FIVE Query Critiques!

FIVE query critiques from author Heather Petty:
"I'm the co-regional coordinator for SCBWI Northern Nevada, where I run the novelist critique group and teach workshops on writing queries and synopses. I'm represented by Eleanor Jackson of the Markson Thoma Literary Agency."


Day 6 ~ Item 9: Digital ARC

From author Lauren Dane:
1 digital ARC of NEVER ENOUGH

Day 6 ~ Item 8: TWO Signed Books

Author Erin MacPherson is giving signed copies of her book, THE CHRISTIAN MAMA'S GUIDE TO HAVING A BABY to the TWO highest bidders on this auction!

Day 6 ~ Item 7: Smart Bitches, Trash Books Package

From author Sarah Wendall:


  • A minimum of TWENTY FIVE assorted romances from historical and contemporary authors, in hardback, trade and mass market paperback.

Day 6 ~ Item 6: Agent Query & Partial Critique

Agent Susan Hawk of the Bent Agency will critique your query and first ten pages of your YA or MG novel OVER THE PHONE!

(Organizers' note: She's also new to Twitter-- go follow her!)

Day 6 ~ Item 5: ARC

An advanced reader copy of ABANDON by Meg Cabot, in perfect condition

Donated by:
Stephanie Pellegrin

Day 6 ~ Item 4: Signed ARC + Signed Book + Crit + Unicorn!

From NYT bestselling author Kiersten White:
"A signed ARC of SUPERNATURALLY, a signed hardcover of PARANORMALCY, and a query OR first ten pages critique. Your choice.

Also a baby unicorn. But only if I can get ahold of IPCA in time, and they aren't returning my calls lately."

Day 6 ~ Item 3: Signed Book

From author Ann Aguirre:
A signed copy of any of her five books

Day 6 ~ Item 2: SIXTY Volumes of Manga

From Audry T.:
"This is for a box containing sixty brand new volumes of manga published by Go! Comi from 2006-2009. Includes English-edition series by manga artists Mick Takeuchi, You Higuri, Ryo Takagi, Chika Shiomi, DUO BRAND, Hideyuki Kurata, Yuki Amemiya, Yukino Ichihara, and more. Winner can contact me directly after the auction if they want to choose which manga to include from a list, or I can send the winner a random selection.  All volumes of manga were comp copies I was given when I worked at Go! Comi and have been kept in storage in brand-new condition. 

Box can be shipped by Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation to anywhere in the United States.  If someone outside of the United States wants it, they'll have to pay exact shipping costs for their country, which I can't predict as the box will be heavy."

Day 6 ~ Item 1: Manuscript Critique

From Stephanie McGee:
"I'm offering a full manuscript read for big picture issues, such as characterization, pacing, plot, etc. This is not a line-edit. I'm strongest in fantasy genres, though I am a fair hand in romance (please keep it clean and mild on the heat level); all genres but horror allowed. (I scare too easily.) No limit on word count. This will be most helpful to writers who don't already have a beta reader or who need their work seen by a writer who hasn't seen it time and time again."