Sunday, May 1, 2011


Over the past two weeks, record-breaking storms have killed over 300 people and destroyed countless homes, neighborhoods, and towns. Tornadoes tore across the south, fires raged across Texas and Oklahoma, and flooding continues to affect communities all over the country. The writing community has rallied before to raise funds for many worthwhile causes, and we're hoping you'll show your support for the areas affected by one of the worst weeks in national weather history.

If you have an item or service to donate, please fill out the form below. General questions can go in the comments below; more specific questions can be emailed to helpwritenowauction at gmail dot com.
Thanks to an incredibly generous response, we are now closed to donations, but All 4 Alabama is looking for items-- please check them out!

You can also help us spread the word, follow us on Twitter, and come back in a few days to bid on some fabulous auction items!

A few FAQs--
  • What items are you looking for?
    • We're grateful for any donations, but if you need ideas, check out DTWTFN's successful items!
  • Can you keep my donation anonymous?
    • Of course. Just make a note in your form entry.
  • Do I mail my donation to you?
    • No, please wait until after you item has been won by a bidder-- we'll hook you up with their address and you can mail directly to them.
  • I'm unagented/unpublished, but I'd like to donate a manuscript critique. Is that okay?
    • Sure! If you're worried about your "credentials," you might consider teaming up with another author or two to sweeten the deal. :)