Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 6 ~ Item 15: Tuition to MatadorU Travel Writing Program

From Matador Network, the world’s most-read independent travel publication, and recipient of a Lowell Thomas award for excellence in travel journalism:

Complimentary tuition for the MatadorU travel writing program (value $350), which is designed to allow someone with very little or even no writing experience to be able, within 3 months, to have a solid foundation in writing, to know how to pitch a query or story to an editor, to build an online presence and audience, and, in general, to begin working as a new-media professional, whether a freelance writer, blogger, or unique mix of jobs that allows one to live off of travel and writing.

MatadorU includes 12 weeks of rigorous coursework, lessons, recommended reading, and weekly assignments critiqued by editors and peers in areas such as:

  • the history and context of travel writing
  • narrative nonfiction writing
  • researching, interviewing, finding stories
  • guidebook writing
  • developing a “publication mindset”
  • finding, landing, and preparing for press trips and other paid assignments
  • “stacking” multiple assignments to create viable income
  • optimizing online presence
  • dealing with advertisers and monetizing your website

The courses have ongoing admission and start dates; whenever you register, that’s when you begin. Though each course is organized into 12 chapters, you’re encouraged to move through them at your own pace.

After completing all 12 chapters, as an alumnus you’ll continue to have lifelong access to the curriculum as well as the forums, Market Blog and all future Continuing Education or Bonus Modules (supplemental courses that explore the latest in branding, SEO, and new media).

Learn more here - MatadorU Travel Writing Curriculum Overview - or by checking out this video:

MatadorU - New Media School from Matador Network on Vimeo.


  1. I'll be outbid fast, but let's start at $5

  2. Whoops - here's my email

    Sabrina.shields @ live .com

  3. I'm already planning on taking the course, so why not? I'll bid $25.

    jestkeptsecret at gmail

  4. $75 morgan(dot)lynn(dot)sheets(at)gmail(dot)com
    or reach me at - @theuncagedbird

  5. $90 lynnettewoo[at]yahoo[dot]com

  6. This auction is closed!

    FloeticFlo has won with a bid of $105. Someone will be emailing you shortly!

  7. $125

  8. Heather



    Would love to win this and to help others in the process would be such a blessing.


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