Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 6 ~ Item 1: Manuscript Critique

From Stephanie McGee:
"I'm offering a full manuscript read for big picture issues, such as characterization, pacing, plot, etc. This is not a line-edit. I'm strongest in fantasy genres, though I am a fair hand in romance (please keep it clean and mild on the heat level); all genres but horror allowed. (I scare too easily.) No limit on word count. This will be most helpful to writers who don't already have a beta reader or who need their work seen by a writer who hasn't seen it time and time again."


  1. If bids hit over $200 and/or 5 individual bidders, I'll give out 2 full critiques. (Same rules apply: clean and mild heat level if romance, no horror.)

  2. $175


  3. This auction is closed!
    The winner is Bonnie! We will be emailing you shortly.


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