Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Way To Help: Use This Code at Barnes & Noble!

Thanks to author Lindsey Leavitt, you can buy books AND support relief efforts! 
Between May 7th-14th, use code bookfair #10486058 when making a Barnes and Noble purchase online or in store. 10% of sales using this code will go to the United Way's West Alabama chapter to help tornado relief efforts. 
If we raise over $2500, the percentage goes up to 15%;  if we raise $10,000, the percentage is 20%!


  1. Just a note on how to use online-on the payment screen, there will be an option saying "check this box if this is a bookfair order." If you are logged in to your bn account with a saved payment method, you may need to choose "change" on the payment section at checkout and scroll to the bottom to see it.

  2. Just noticed that the code is missing a number it is #10486058!


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